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Vocal Lessons

Singing has been a love of mine from a very young age. It's always been a creative way to experience joy, feelings and emotions. 

In the lessons I try to create an environment in which the student feels safe to show their voice and try new things. It can be quite scary to sing. Your instrument is embedded in your body, which can make you feel vulnerable. Because of this the main focus in the lessons is feeling at ease and experiencing joy through singing. 

Every student is different and needs a unique approach fitted to their individual needs. Different subjects come out throughout the lessons, like self-expression, posture, breath support, vibrato, Lax Vox method, thick and thin vocal chords and many more.

Through the conservatory I learned to work with Estill Voice Training and Universal Voice System. These techniques show themselves throughout the lessons.


Songwriting / Piano / Guitar

It's also a possibility to work on writing your own songs and recording them as well. This is usually combined with learning the basics of piano or guitar, so the student can write and try things at home. We'll work on melody/chords/lyrics etc.

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