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Pauline Strasters

I started teaching because I love seeing how a student can surprise themselves. Many students start with the lessons unsure of their own abilities. To be able to help them with their singing and to see how their self-confidence gradually increases, seeing them achieve goals which they never thought possible means a lot to me.


As a little girl all I wanted was to make singing my life and work. In 2013 I got accepted for the Pop-Academy at the ArtEZ Conservatory in Enschede.

​During my time at the Pop-Academy I sang in several projects, including Young Tree; a reggae band in which I played at all kinds of festivals.

In July 2018 I graduated from the Pop Academy with a concert/photo-exhibition of my own music, titled 'IYïA’. With this project I continue 'till this day. You can find more about this on the other parts of the website.

Since 2018 I play with a German wedding band and teach at several music schools, including MOC Holten, Zangles bij Carmijn and Popscool. During my time at the conservatory I gained a lot of experience with different singing techniques (Estill Voice Training and Universal Voice System), which are regularly recurring in the lesson.


I have started my own singing practice since May 2022, where I am happy to welcome you. 

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